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Maham Amjad

Admin Coordinator

Hi, I'm Maham Amjad, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be the new Administrative Coordinator at the Group Psychotherapy Clinic. 

Before joining the clinic, I worked for two years as an administrative assistant in a corporate environment and an educational capacity with students and supporting staff. These experiences equipped me with a keen understanding of the importance of efficiency and clear communication. 

I was inspired to be an Administrative Coordinator at Healing Roots because of my deep-seated passion for personal growth and desire to eventually contribute to the world of mental health. The inspiration behind my choice lies in the profound belief that the administrative aspect is the heartbeat of any thriving therapeutic environment. It's not merely a role; it's a gateway to learning, a pathway to understanding the intricacies of supporting individuals on their healing journeys. 

As an Administrative Coordinator at the clinic, my primary focus will be ensuring a seamless and supportive experience for clients. Additionally, I am excited about being a point of contact for clients, providing them with clear and helpful information, addressing inquiries, and ensuring they feel welcome and valued. 

Fun Insight:

If I could have any superpower, I'd definitely choose the ability to fly. The freedom and the possibility of going anywhere anytime really appeal to me. Imagining the world from a whole new perspective would be an incredible experience that I would truly enjoy. 

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