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Grief & Loss Therapy

A safe space to find a path through bereavement to healing and hope.

Grief & Loss Therapy can help you:

Find peace & acceptance

Learn how to hold the memories

Find hope for the future

Grief can feel like a tidal wave crashing over you,

leaving you struggling to catch your breath and find your footing. It’s not just the sadness that weighs heavy on your heart; it’s the sudden shifts in your life that make each day a challenge. Simple tasks can feel monumental, and the world seems to move forward while you’re stuck in place.
We offer a compassionate hand and a safe space to help you heal.

There’s no “right” way to grieve

Grief & loss therapy can help when you are:
  • Struggling to accept your loss
  • Feel overwhelmed by sadness, anger, guilt, or confusion
  • Finding it difficult to cope with daily life
  • Feel disconnected from your friends and family
  • Struggling with painful memories
  • Unsure how to find meaning or purpose again
  • Having trouble feeling happiness

Therapy For Grief & Loss in Mississauga

What is Grief Therapy and How Does it Work?

When we think of grief, we often associate it with the death of a loved one, but the reality is that grief can arise from many different types of losses. The end of a close friendship, the loss of a job, the passing of a beloved pet, or a significant change in our health can profoundly impact our mental and emotional well-being. These experiences can leave us feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and struggling to cope with the daily demands of life. Grief is not just an emotion but a profound, all-encompassing experience that affects every part of your being.

Grief therapy acknowledges the multifaceted nature of loss and provides a compassionate space to address these feelings. We explore the unique ways each type of loss affects you personally and work together to understand and process your emotions, develop healthy coping strategies, and support you in finding a sense of peace and acceptance. Our goal is to support you in healing from your loss and to help you see that it’s possible to find hope and joy again.

Talking about your loss can be a powerful way to honour your feelings and begin to heal.

Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga

Benefits of Grief & Loss Therapy

You may find yourself struggling to come to terms with your loss, feeling stuck in disbelief or denial. Grief therapy can help you work through these feelings at your own pace, guiding you toward acceptance and peace.
Loss can shake the foundation of your identity and leave you questioning your life’s direction. Therapy offers a space to reflect on what your loss means to you and how it can shape your future in a meaningful way.
Grief is a complex emotion that can manifest in many forms — sadness, anger, guilt, and even relief. In therapy, you’ll learn to identify and navigate these emotions, gaining clarity and emotional resilience.
The process of grief often disrupts your sense of routine and stability. Therapy provides strategies to help you establish a new normal that feels manageable and fulfilling.
It’s common to feel isolated or unable to connect with others after a loss. Therapy supports you in rebuilding meaningful connections and finding moments of joy amidst your grief.
Memories can be both comforting and painful. Therapy equips you with coping mechanisms to honour cherished memories while easing the pain of triggers and reminders.
Ultimately, therapy aims to guide you toward a place of peace and acceptance. It’s about learning to live with your loss in a way that honours your past while embracing your future.
Grief can leave you feeling lost or disconnected from who you once were. Therapy helps you reconnect with yourself, rebuilding confidence and identity.
n the midst of grief, it’s natural to feel hopeless about what lies ahead. Therapy fosters a sense of hope by exploring possibilities and envisioning a future that holds promise.

Healing Roots Therapy

Modalities Offered With Grief & Loss Therapy

Individual therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential space for clients to explore their experiences of grief and loss. Personalized attention helps tailor the therapeutic approach to each client’s specific situation.
CBT helps clients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours that contribute to their grief and loss. Techniques include cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, and skills training.
EMDR is designed to help clients process and reframe distressing memories associated with loss. It uses guided eye movements to reduce the emotional impact of these memories.
DBT is effective in helping individuals improve emotional regulation and distress tolerance. It combines cognitive-behavioural techniques with mindfulness practices, helping manage intense emotions and reduce stress related to grief.
Also known as “tapping,” EFT involves tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on distressing emotions. This technique can help reduce the intensity of grief-related emotions.
A structured therapy designed to address the symptoms of complicated grief, which may include prolonged and intense sadness and fixation on the loss.
Focuses on processing grief associated with sudden or traumatic loss. Addresses both the trauma and the grief to help clients cope with the intense emotions and symptoms.
Mindfulness practices help clients stay present and manage overwhelming emotions. Meditation can reduce stress and enhance emotional regulation.
Worksheets and templates can help clients track their symptoms, identify triggers, and develop coping strategies. These tools provide structure and a tangible way to monitor progress.
Techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, and guided imagery help clients reduce physical tension and promote a state of calm.
ACT helps clients accept their experiences of grief and related emotions while committing to actions that align with their values. This approach promotes psychological flexibility and resilience.

About Us

Why Healing Roots Therapy?

We believe therapy should be:


A place where clients can share their most challenging experiences, feelings and thoughts in order to heal.


The ability to make decisions that are best for emotional and mental well-being come from the trust created within a relationship built on transparency.


When we replace judgment with curiosity we provide space for understanding. When we can understand what we are feeling, thinking or experiencing we empower ourselves to make the changes we want in our life.

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Therapists Offering Grief Therapy

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Kiran Khalid is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Muslim therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Kiran Khalid
Nasim Boloorsaz
Meredyth Dwyer, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Affordable Therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Meredyth Dwyer
Sarah Prashad, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Sarah Prashad
Andrea Filice-Montague
Ambita Sen, Certified Grief Education specializing in grief, trauma, acute stress disorder, and more at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Ambita Sen
Katarina Karkinski
Kiran Khalid is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Muslim therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Kiran Khalid
Dhushica Rajadurai
Alexandra Rebelo, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga supporting anxiety, depression, self-care, stress, burnout and more
Alexandra Rebelo
Nabeeha Mahmood Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga offering Child Therapy Teen Therapy
Nabeeha Mahmood
Caitlin Greenwood is a Therapist in Brampton at Healing Roots Therapy
Caitlin Greenwood
Majo (Maria Jose) Guerrero is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) at Healing Roots Therapy and a therapist near me in Mississauga
Majo (Maria Jose) Guerrero
Sevdenur Akgul is a Muslim Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist, Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Sevdenur Akgul
Leona Pinto is a Registered Psychotherapist providing Grief counselling, stress management, and mental health therapy at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Leona Pinto
Ambita Sen, Certified Grief Education specializing in grief, trauma, acute stress disorder, and more at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Ambita Sen
Kristena Disalvo

Our Approach

How Our Grief Therapy Works

We Get To Know You

We take the time to get to know your history. Our first conversation help us understand you and identify your greatest struggles.

We Create A Plan

We create a plan that is unique to your situation and goals, We use strategies that will best help you develop the skills you need to move forward.

We Help You Grow

We assess our approach as you progress, and make any adjustments needed so that you can reach your goals and start to feel better.
Providing a safe space to heal.

What You Can Expect From Grief & Loss Therapy

Grief is an extremely personal journey, with no two people moving through it the same way, and there is no timeline for healing. In time you may notice that you:
  • Start feeling more at peace
  • Understand your emotions better
  • Start to get back to your routines
  • Feel closer to your loved ones
  • Find moments of happiness again
  • Discover more about who you are, your strengths, and your resilience
  • Develop effective strategies to handle emotions as they arise

Healing Roots Therapy

Questions About Grief Therapy

The length of grief therapy varies based on your specific needs and goals. Some individuals may find comfort and progress in short-term sessions focused on coping strategies and emotional processing. These sessions can help you manage your grief and begin to heal. For others, longer-term therapy might be necessary to work through deeper layers of grief and provide ongoing support as you navigate different stages of mourning. At Healing Roots Therapy, we collaborate closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that evolves as you progress and your needs change. Our goal is to ensure that therapy supports you effectively, helping you find peace and strength in your journey through grief.

Grief therapy can be beneficial if you experience any of the following symptoms that persist and interfere with your daily life:

  • Intense Sadness: Persistent, overwhelming sadness that does not seem to improve over time.
  • Difficulty Functioning: Struggling to carry out daily activities, work responsibilities, or maintain relationships.
  • Prolonged Grief: Feeling stuck in your grief and unable to move forward, often referred to as complicated grief.
  • Physical Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, headaches, and other physical symptoms linked to grief.
  • Emotional Distress: Intense feelings of guilt, anger, anxiety, or despair that are difficult to manage.
  • Social Withdrawal: Avoiding social interactions and activities that were once enjoyed.
Absolutely. Grief therapy can be incredibly beneficial, regardless of when the loss occurred. Sometimes, grief can linger beneath the surface for years, impacting your well-being in ways you might not fully realize. You might have thought you were “over it” or tried to move on, but the feelings can resurface unexpectedly, or they might have never truly faded. Whether your loss is recent or from many years ago, grief therapy at Healing Roots Therapy can help you find peace, heal old wounds, and build a path toward a fulfilling future.

Grief therapy sessions typically provide a supportive and empathetic environment where you can:

  • Express Emotions: Talk openly about your feelings and experiences related to your loss without judgment.
  • Explore Memories: Share memories of your loved one, which can help in the healing process.
  • Develop Coping Strategies: Learn practical techniques to manage grief-related symptoms, such as relaxation exercises, journaling, and mindfulness practices.
  • Address Unresolved Issues: Work through any unresolved issues or conflicts related to the deceased or the circumstances of the loss.
  • Create Rituals: Develop personal rituals or traditions to honour and remember your loved one to help you develop a sense of comfort and connection.
Finding a ‘new normal’ takes time. Be gentle with yourself as you heal.

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