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Group Therapy

Connect with a supportive community, share your experiences and learn from each other.

Group therapy can help you:

Learn healthy coping strategies

Manage stress and anxiety

Develop a sense of community

Group of women and men in a group therapy session talking with one another

I thought I was the only one!

You know when you are talking to someone and they say, “you feel that way too? I thought I was the only one!” Group therapy brings together a network of people who are going through a difficult time in order to foster a sense of belonging and community. Connect with people who are going through the same thing you are, learn from their experiences, and develop a toolbox of healthy coping strategies to help you move forward.

Get the support and connection you need with group therapy.

Upcoming Group Therapy Sessions

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills For Anxiety

Dates & Time:

This groups starts Sunday, May 5th, 2024 and runs for 8 weeks from 9:00 am-10:30 am


Teens (13-17) and Adults (18+)


$165+HST per session


Services will be provided in-person at our office location (Suite 502-10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, Mississauga ON)

Number of spots:


Contact to register:

  • Week one: Introduction to CBT and anxiety
  • Week two: Identifying signs of panic and anxiety (body and mind)
  • Week three: Identifying helpful and unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Week four: Reframing unhelpful thoughts
  • Week five: Relaxation, self-soothing and grounding techniques
  • Week six: Desensitization and exposure (pat one)
  • Week seven: Desensitization and exposure (part two)
  • Week eight: Wrap-up and final reflections
The goal of this CBT group is to allow clients to deepen their understanding of anxiety, and work towards identifying and reshaping unhelpful thought patterns. As this is a skills group, the hope is clients will walk away from this group feeling more confident and equipped to effectively manage their anxiety with practical skills in their day-to-day life. Throughout this process, the hope is this group will foster a sense of community and normalcy surrounding how prevalent anxiety is in our society today and reinforce that you are not alone in this journey.
Andrea Filice-Montague is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying and EMDR therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga

Group therapy can help you cope with and learn to manage:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Muscle tension
  • Racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Regular headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Worrying constantly
  • Feeling restless or on edge
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling impending doom
  • Trouble sleeping

You don't have to go through this alone.

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Tools and strategies we use in group therapy

This approach helps individuals understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and teaches them how to challenge and change unhelpful thought patterns.
This type of therapy is often used in groups, particularly for individuals with borderline personality disorder or those who struggle with emotional regulation. It includes elements of mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.
These groups provide education about specific mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or coping strategies. The goal is to give participants a better understanding of their situation and arm them with knowledge to manage it.
These groups focus more on the here-and-now experiences of group members. The therapist might facilitate discussions around current struggles, successes, and interactions within the group.
These groups provide a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, feelings, and challenges with others who are in similar situations. Mindfulness Techniques: Mindfulness can be a valuable tool in group therapy, helping individuals to stay present, reduce anxiety, and respond to stress more effectively.
This tool can be used in group therapy to help individuals practice new behaviours, explore different perspectives, or prepare for potentially challenging situations.

About Us

Why Healing Roots Therapy?

We believe therapy should be:


A place where clients can share their most challenging experiences, feelings and thoughts in order to heal.


The ability to make decisions that are best for emotional and mental well-being come from the trust created within a relationship built on transparency.


When we replace judgment with curiosity we provide space for understanding. When we can understand what we are feeling, thinking or experiencing we empower ourselves to make the changes we want in our life.

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Therapists Who Facilitate Group Therapy

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Andrea Filice-Montague

Our Approach

How Our Group Therapy Works

We Help You Find The Right Group

A new therapy group starts every couple of months. In the group you will learn Cognitive Behavioural Skills to manage your anxiety.

We Meet Together Once A Week

We meet at our office location every Sunday from 10:30am-12:00pm for a total of 8 weeks. Groups are limited to a comfortable 6 spots each.

We Work Towards Your Goals

By the end of the 8 weeks, our goal is that you will feel more confident and equipped to manage your anxiety with practical skills in your day-to-day life.
Group of women and men in a group therapy session talking with one another

What You Can Expect From Group Therapy

As you continue in therapy, you may notice improvements in your life, such as:
  • You are more self aware and can identify and diffuse your common triggers
  • You are more emotionally confident
  • You are more confident in communicating your needs and boundaries to others
  • You are able to sleep better
  • You have better self esteem
  • You don't feel so alone
  • Feel in control of your emotions. They no longer have to control you.

Healing Roots Therapy

Questions About Group Therapy

At Healing Roots Therapy, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Prior to starting group therapy, all participants typically sign a confidentiality agreement, committing to keep what is shared within the group private. This means that anything discussed during a session should not be disclosed outside of the therapy room. The facilitating therapist will set clear boundaries and expectations about confidentiality at the beginning of each session. While clinicians are bound by ethical and legal standards to maintain confidentiality, it’s important to remember that the promise of other group members to maintain confidentiality is based on trust and the agreements made within the group.
Group therapy and individual therapy serve different, yet often complementary, purposes. In individual therapy at Healing Roots Therapy, the focus is solely on your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. The one-on-one interaction allows for deep personal introspection and tailored therapeutic interventions. In contrast, group therapy provides a setting where multiple participants gather to share their experiences and provide mutual support. The dynamics of the group can mirror those of real-life social situations, offering opportunities to practice new behaviours, receive feedback, and learn from others’ experiences. The therapist’s role in group settings is often to facilitate discussions, ensuring that the group remains a safe and constructive space for all members.
No, you are not obligated to share everything with the group. At Healing Roots Therapy, the goal is to create a comfortable environment where you can share at your own pace. While sharing and participating can be therapeutic, it’s essential to respect your own boundaries and comfort levels. Over time, as you build trust with the group, you might feel more inclined to share deeper or more personal aspects of your life.
Here, a group therapy session often begins with the therapist setting the tone, revisiting confidentiality agreements, and possibly introducing a topic or theme for the session. Participants might then take turns sharing their experiences, feelings, or challenges related to the topic or other pressing issues in their lives. The therapist facilitates the discussion, ensuring that each member has an opportunity to speak and that the environment remains respectful and supportive. Sessions may also involve therapeutic activities, role-playing, or exercises designed to promote insight, understanding, and personal growth.
Deciding on group therapy involves considering your comfort level with group dynamics, the issues you’re facing, and the potential benefits of mutual support and feedback. A preliminary individual session with a therapist at Healing Roots Therapy can help determine if group therapy is the right step for you. We can provide insights into how group therapy can benefit your specific circumstances and whether it complements other therapeutic interventions you might be receiving.
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How To Get Started

If you’d like to register for a group session, please contact us using our contact form. Our administrative team will help you get registered. If you’re looking for one-on-one therapy, family therapy, or couples therapy, you can book directly using the links below.

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