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Burnout & Stress Therapy

Therapy to help you regain control and find renewed energy for life's demands.

Therapy For Stress & Burnout can help you:

Reduce your stress levels

Improve your work-life balance

feel more engaged in your life

“I just can’t do this anymore, I’m so burned out.”

These words echo the exhaustion and frustration that often accompany burnout, a feeling that the weight of the world has become too much to bear. Burnout isn’t something that happens overnight; it’s the result of a gradual accumulation of stress, responsibilities, and demands that can leave us feeling stretched thin and depleted.
Therapy can help you find balance and reclaim your joy.

Your mental health matters

Burnout & stress therapy can help when you are:
  • Exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep
  • Living in “survival mode”
  • Feeling guilty about taking any time for yourself
  • Experiencing physical symptoms such as upset stomach and headaches
  • Thinking about work, even when you are off the clock
  • Wrestling with perfectionism or people-pleasing
  • Struggling through consistent brain fog

Stress Management in Mississauga

Who is Stress & Burnout Therapy For?

Stress is an inevitable, yet often unwelcome part of our lives. It touches each of us differently, whether we’re managing demanding workloads, navigating personal challenges, or caring for loved ones.

Burnout, a serious consequence of prolonged stress, can affect anyone who feels emotionally drained and overwhelmed. Stress and burnout therapy is designed for individuals who are experiencing these struggles. It provides a compassionate space where you can explore the roots of your stress, learn effective coping strategies, and rebuild a sense of balance and resilience.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in a cycle of exhaustion or facing major life transitions, therapy offers support tailored to your needs, giving you the tools and support you need to feel like you’re in control of your life again.

You deserve to live a life filled with balance, joy, and vitality. If stress and burnout are holding you back from the life you want to be living, Healing Roots Therapy is here to help.

Burnout Therapy in Mississauga

Benefits of Burnout & Stress Therapy

Therapy can teach you practical ways to handle stress, so it doesn’t control your life. You’ll learn how to stay calm under pressure and keep stress from building up, which means less worry, more sleep, and a greater sense of peace every day.
Balancing work and personal life can feel impossible, but therapy helps you find a way to make it work. You’ll learn how to set boundaries, prioritize what’s important, and create a routine that lets you enjoy your time off without feeling guilty or stressed about work.
Feeling tired all the time isn’t normal. Therapy helps you figure out why you’re so exhausted and shows you how to get your energy back. You’ll feel more awake and lively, ready to face your day with enthusiasm, and actually enjoy your activities.
Life throws challenges at us, but therapy helps you bounce back stronger. You’ll learn how to handle tough situations without feeling overwhelmed, stay positive even when things are hard, and recover quicker from setbacks.
When you’re burnt out, it’s hard to find joy in anything. Therapy helps you reconnect with what makes you happy and brings you satisfaction. You’ll start to enjoy life’s little moments again, find purpose in your daily activities, and feel genuinely happy more often.

Healing Roots Therapy

Modalities Offered With Stress & Burnout Therapy

Individual therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential space for clients to explore their experiences with stress and burnout. Personalized attention helps tailor the therapeutic approach to each client’s specific situation.
CBT helps clients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours that contribute to their stress and burnout. Techniques include cognitive restructuring, stress management, and skills training.
EMDR is designed to help clients process and reframe stressful experiences. It uses guided eye movements to reduce the emotional impact of stress.
DBT is effective in helping individuals improve emotional regulation and distress tolerance. It combines cognitive-behavioural techniques with mindfulness practices, helping manage intense emotions and reduce stress.
Techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, and guided imagery help clients reduce physical tension and promote a state of calm.
ACT helps clients accept their experiences with stress and burnout while committing to actions that align with their values. This approach promotes psychological flexibility and resilience.

About Us

Why Healing Roots Therapy?

We believe therapy should be:


A place where clients can share their most challenging experiences, feelings and thoughts in order to heal.


The ability to make decisions that are best for emotional and mental well-being come from the trust created within a relationship built on transparency.


When we replace judgment with curiosity we provide space for understanding. When we can understand what we are feeling, thinking or experiencing we empower ourselves to make the changes we want in our life.

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Therapists Offering Support For Stress & Burnout

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Sadhna Herod

Registered Social Worker

Kiran Khalid is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Muslim therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Kiran Khalid
Nasim Boloorsaz
Meredyth Dwyer, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Affordable Therapist at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Meredyth Dwyer
Sarah Prashad, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Sarah Prashad
Andrea Filice-Montague
Ambita Sen, Certified Grief Education specializing in grief, trauma, acute stress disorder, and more at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Ambita Sen
Katarina Karkinski
Mohamed Islam
Dhushica Rajadurai
Alexandra Rebelo, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga supporting anxiety, depression, self-care, stress, burnout and more
Alexandra Rebelo
Kyana Fletcher, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga. Offering affordable therapy
Kyana Fletcher
Sarah Prashad, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Sarah Prashad
Kiandokht (Kian) Gharib
Sevdenur Akgul is a Muslim Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist, Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Sevdenur Akgul
Andrea Filice-Montague
Viktoria Arazyan 
Klara Pronerova is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga and provides counselling for eating disorders
Klara Pronerova
Daniella Radicevich, Affordable Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga. Offering anxiety therapy, therapy for body image concerns, and more.
Daniella Radicevich
Leona Pinto is a Registered Psychotherapist providing Grief counselling, stress management, and mental health therapy at Healing Roots Therapy in Mississauga
Leona Pinto
Kristena Disalvo
Monique Lucas

Our Approach

How Our Burnout & Stress Therapy Works

We Get To Know You

We take the time to get to know your history. Our first conversation help us understand you and identify your greatest struggles.

We Create A Plan

We create a plan that is unique to your situation and goals, We use strategies that will best help you develop the skills you need to move forward.

We Help You Grow

We assess our approach as you progress, and make any adjustments needed so that you can reach your goals and start to feel better.
Providing a safe space to heal.

What You Can Expect From Stress & Burnout Therapy

Armed with new tools and insights, you will feel empowered to take charge of your well-being and manage and reduce stress effectively. In time you may notice that you:
  • Have a deeper sense of self-awareness
  • Develop better coping skills
  • Are more confident and have better self-esteem
  • Foster better relationships
  • See reduced symptoms
  • Cultivate enhanced problem-solving abilities
  • Build greater resilience

Healing Roots Therapy

Questions People Ask About Stress & Burnout Therapy

While stress and burnout share some similarities, they are distinct conditions. Stress is usually short-term and related to specific challenges, causing feelings of frustration, nervousness, and tension. Burnout, on the other hand, is a state of chronic stress that leads to physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Key indicators of burnout include:

  • Exhaustion: Feeling drained and unable to meet the demands of the day.
  • Detachment: Developing a cynical attitude towards work and feeling disconnected from others.
  • Reduced Performance: Decreased productivity and a sense of ineffectiveness in tasks.


If these symptoms persist over time and do not improve with rest, it may indicate burnout rather than temporary stress.

Making some simple lifestyle changes can really help you manage stress and burnout, especially when combined with therapy. Start by setting a consistent daily routine to bring more order to your life and reduce chaos. Make sure you’re getting enough good-quality sleep; it’s essential for your mental and physical health. Regular exercise is also key because it can lift your mood and lower stress. These changes can help you feel more balanced and improve your overall well-being as you go through stress and burnout therapy.
To prevent stress and burnout from recurring, it’s essential to develop and maintain healthy habits. Start with regular self-care activities that nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, such as exercise, hobbies, and relaxation techniques. Incorporate daily mindfulness or meditation practices to stay grounded and aware of your stress levels. Even after you start feeling better, continue with occasional therapy sessions to maintain progress and address any new challenges.

The time it takes to feel better from stress and burnout varies for everyone. Some people might notice improvements within a few weeks of starting therapy and making lifestyle changes, while for others, it might take a few months. It largely depends on factors like how long you’ve been feeling stressed or burned out, the intensity of your symptoms, and how consistently you apply the techniques and changes discussed in therapy.

Therapy is a personalized process, so your therapist will work with you to create a plan that fits your specific needs and goals. Regular sessions, combined with healthy habits like mindfulness, exercise, and setting boundaries, can speed up your recovery. However, it’s important to be patient with yourself and recognize that progress can take time.

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